We are Leadership Futures.

Our consultancy serves world class executives and teams in pursuit of their maximum potential. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA and serve leaders and teams worldwide.

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Our Focus


Private advisory for leaders and candidates. Coaching and training to maximize talent. Confidential testing to identify and impact performance improvement at individual and group levels.

Talent Strategy

Your organization is bigger than even its most effective leader. We can guide the construction of over-arching talent acquisition and retention strategies. Usher uncharted success with intelligent hiring and team optimization.

Group Training

Choose our world-class leadership experts for your next leadership summit or team training exercise. We offer fixed length seminars for groups and teams in addition to our ongoing leadership development services.

    Get ready to see the world

    in a totally different light.


    The Tao of How

    Aligning high performance executives with their goals. Creating custom leadership development programs to impact results. Building tomorrow’s leaders, today.

    Before growth comes trust.
    Theorization without information falls short.
    We show you where to look, you decide what to see.
    One thousand days to learn, ten thousand to refine.
    Achieved not with nothing more to add, but with nothing to take away.
    Measure Results
    If it cannot be expressed in figures, it’s an opinion.

    Our clients range from the global organizations and Fortune 500’s who power the economy to non-profit teams and agents of change who refine our thinking.


    It’s natural for leaders to questions outside help.

    Almost as natural as seeking it out.
    Leaders who say it’s important to have a mentor.
    Senior Executives who report having worked with a coach.
    Leaders being coached who plan to use a coach again.
    Org’s needing leadership successors for critical roles.

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