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How Leadership Futures Works:

Simply put, we build leaders.


Our consultants have experience across multiple industries including petro-chemical, health care, financial, retail, operations and manufacturing.

We can work with top executives or those in highly skilled functional areas (such as finance, legal, project managers, IT). We are frequently requested to perform business driver analysis, competency modeling across leadership levels, and help organizations with talent enhancement and talent retention needs. We also work with individuals on how to build sustainable professional and leadership brands. Part of this brand building includes determining what skills and attributes are needed for their immediate position AND how they can grow in the organization.


We base our consulting and talent development on pragmatic and scientific based assessment for those in highly professional careers.

By proactively building leadership skills for key talent centers and teams, your organization will have a competitive advantage in both execution and talent retention.

We’re often asked to speak at engagements large and small across a variety of leadership and team oriented topics. Simply get in touch to see if our expertise is right for your event.

Our strategic focus in working with organizational leadership teams is to determine what talent will bring the organization to be more successful.

Comprehensive assessment of managers, professionals, and executives for selection and development purposes. Design and execution of multi-rater 360-degree feedback surveys, processes, and related services including debriefing and goal setting for development.

Business Driver assessment and competency modeling for selection and development


Cultivating the excellencewithin the leader

We coach to sharpen the leadership edge for:

Senior executives and managing directors

Successors with an increasing scope of responsibility

Catalysts, change agents, and high potentials seeking to evolve their leadership approach

We provide:

Confidential advisement and discretion

Practical and realistic assessment recommendations

A repeatable, proven process for improving leadership effectiveness

Updates to stakeholders to ensure progress

Flexible, tailored, retainer-based arrangements to meet the needs of busy clients

Our experience spans several facets of Talent Management including:

Comprehensive assessment of managers, professionals, and executives for selection and development purposes

Design and execution of multi-rater (360) feedback surveys, processes, and related services including debriefing and goal setting for development

Professional development, training, and coaching for leaders and other professionals

Team training

Business Driver assessment and competency modelling for selection and development

Assessment and coaching for technical teams and technical leaders

World Class Results
From Fortune 500 to Non-Profit
Nimble and excellent trumps bloated and mediocre.
Tailored Planning
Every business is different. Every leader too.

The Tao of How

Aligning high performance executives with their goals.
Creating custom leadership development programs to impact results.
We’re building tomorrow’s leaders, today.
Before growth comes trust.
Theorization without information falls short.
We show you where to look, you decide what to see.
One thousand days to learn, ten thousand to refine.
Achieved not with nothing more to add, but with nothing to take away.
Measure Results
If it cannot be expressed in figures, it’s an opinion.

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Karen Steadman

Founder and CEO, Leadership Futures

World class leaders are not born with special gifts; they are forged like iron by the very same fires that stoke their pursuits of excellence in self, in education, in profession and in legacy. Leadership Futures, in this same sense, is a galvanizing force to strengthen the leader through coaching, consultation and examination alternative perspective.

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